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Take a moment to realize that your life is about to change.


You’re here today because you’re inspired to spark change, to empower yourself, and transform your current situation for the better. Together we will do just that.


My name is Matina, and I help divorced / separated women, feel empowered to evolve from despair to acceptance.

Right now, you might be feeling overwhelmed, scared, guilty, angry, lonely or completely numb. You might have found that words of encouragement you hear from others have lost their value and fall on deaf ears. I’m here to let you know that these feelings are temporary and they don’t need to be your reality.


Empower yourself and be your own catalyst of change. With my guidance, we will work together to move past the trauma, and help you find your solid ground.

You might not have realized it yet, but this very moment is a powerful one. 


To Find Your Path After a Break-up/ Divorce


The Ultimate Break-up/Divorce Decoding Guide

Welcome to Master Self Image.
Welcome to the first day of your new chapter.

About Me.

I recognize the feeling of standing at the edge of a mountain, feeling paralysed, debating whether or not to jump.
This feeling was with me for years before I finally made the decision to take a leap of faith and move onto the next stage of my life; getting divorced. Going through my divorce wasn’t easy, it was a roller coaster ride full of highs and lows for quite some time.

I was 35 years old, with three young children, who were counting on me for stability, when I was in one of the most unstable moments of my life. For the first time ever, my life was mine and I didn’t know how to deal with it. One day at a time, I started defining myself, my values, and what was a MUST for mine and my children’s lives. 

Today, coming out on the other side of that roller coaster ride, I stand strong knowing that I have 




my life and I want to help other women going through similar situations, do the same.


Through my unique coaching style, I will provide you with the tools needed to help you get back on your feet, and live the life you were intended to live; a life where you stand in your power.

Together, we will work to Master your Self Image and get you to the place you want, and need to be.

Matina Singh

Break-up / Divorce Coach | Master Self Image



Break-up / Divorce are already hard to handle, but you don’t have to do this alone! 




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With over 500 pages, this workbook/journal provides many tools intended to push you to stop, reflect, reset, and reclaim your life.


This workbook was created to be a direct complement to my online self-study program, Decoding A Life After Break-Up / Divorce.


The online self-help program has 15 tools that follow the same outline as this workbook. If you are interested in deepening your knowledge and increasing your progress, use these two resources together.


It is my mission to get you on the top of the mountain within six months.

How I Can Help You

There are different paths that can lead you to the top of the mountain. I am holding out my hand - which path will you choose...

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Client Appreciation

Supporting Charity

As a woman passionate about elevating other women in need, a portion of all coaching services offered through Master Self Image will be donated to female-focused charities. 


This year, I have chosen to support YWCA, a charity that believes that women and girls must have the rights, resources and opportunities to shape their own lives and define their communities.


Through the YWCA, the program I have chosen to support is the Phoenix Place, which serves as a safe haven for women and children who are escaping domestic violence.


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

~ Winston Churchill

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